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Wo are we

We are a group of experts that have more than 20 years of experience in Romania.

The group of experts was created by the president of the Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber in 2006 on demand of the Romanian Embassy in Brussels. Many thanks to Gabriela Arteni, economic counselor at the Romanian Embassy in Brussels, who facilitated the transition and who came up with the idea in 2005.

We are based in Buzau because we like “to walk as we work” with ANAF, ITM, ORJC, and many other Romanian institutions. Everything is in the center of the city and can be reached by foot !

We offer company creation and incubation services for all those that want to stay in a secure way and long-term in Romania.

The sediu (main – office) of our clients is in our business centers in Buzau and they have working points and production units all over Romania.

We are Belgian with a Romanian Team of Experts.

We obtain high professional standards and the Romanian authorities got used to us and together we improved procedures for our companies.

Today the ANAF and the register in Buzau are one of the most advanced institutions when it comes to working remote with foreign investors thanks to the cooperation with CIBR (Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber).

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